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Coaching for Businesses

What is Business Coaching?

Organizational success is a combination of having the correct resources, optimal deployment of those resources, and sustainably motivated staff. 

Business coaching is a goal-oriented transformational process which applies fundamental coaching principles to all or part of an organization in order to bring clarity to perceived obstacles and enhance achievement/fulfillment.

Business Coaching Focus Areas

  • Increasing productivity and improving time management skills

  • Improving leadership competencies such as communication and team building

  • Creating a positive work environment

  • Increasing engagement and performance

  • Improving organizational relationships

  • Working through challenges and developing a plan of action

  • Creating balance and fulfillment

How it Works

Scheduling STRUCTURE

There are 12 weekly or bi-weekly sessions conducted either on-site or via video. Length of sessions varies based on the number of participants.


Each session your provider will assign a growth promoting exercise/activity. This enables sessions to be focused and productive. The format for sessions includes an open-ended check-in time; review of assigned exercise; discussion and growth facilitation. Each session builds upon what is learned in previous sessions.


A willingness to be truly open to growth is needed. This means being willing to keep an open mind about what is really possible and allowing yourself to receive new ideas.  


If you wish on-going support after completing the 12 session program, your provider will be there for you as a coach. At that time, you can determine how you may wish to schedule continuing sessions.


The best way to find out if coaching is appropriate for your business needs is to sign up for a complimentary 15-minute telephone interview. If so, an ongoing coaching structure will be set and you’ll leave the call with action to take.

The minimum time commitment required is 3 sessions. Commitment is the most significant factor in achieving goals. Through the act of making commitments and then honoring those commitments, we not only achieve goals, but we also build trust in ourselves and others.