Holistic Wellness Practice

Couples & Marriage Counseling


The willingness to feel vulnerability and to be open about your feelings is essential to real intimacy. 

Communication is a fundamental skill for building connection and contact. What we say and how we say it has a powerful effect on bringing us closer together or farther apart. 

Partners seek counseling to address a variety of issues including, but not limited to:

  • communication and conflict resolution

  • sexual and intimacy issues

  • infidelity

  • fighting and anger

  • identity and role conflict

  • dependence vs. independence

  • ethics and values

  • jealousy

  • parenting

  • money and finances

How It Works

Working together as a team, you and your provider will:

  • Identify negative patterns that are hindering the quality of your relationship and friendship.

  • Work through problems without blame and power struggles.

  • Strengthen the quality of your partnership by learning healthy ways to communicate and relate to each other.

  • Explore and work through daily stressors that interfere with romance and connection.

Scheduling structure

Sessions are 50 - 60 minutes long and are typically scheduled on a weekly basis.

Sessions may be conducted either in-person or via video utilizing a doxy.me URL personalized for Holistic Wellness Practice, LLC clients. Doxy.me is free and easy to use. With accessibility in mind, the doxy.me URL can be used on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone when utilizing the doxy.me app., Google Chrome or Firefox.

Getting Started

Seeking counseling can be both empowering and frightening.

The best way to find out if this approach is for you and your partner is to schedule a complimentary 20 - 30 minute consultation. This consultation may be held via telephone or in-person.