Holistic Wellness Practice

Executive Function Coaching


Executive function skills are self-management abilities that help people achieve goals. It is a mental process that enables us to plan, focus attention, remember, and juggle multiple tasks.

Self-management skills are increasingly important in a complex world with many distractions and competing priorities.

People who learn these skills are better equipped to navigate the challenges of school and adult life.

focus areas

  • Self-regulation - managing strong emotions and inhibiting impulsive behaviors

  • Attention - sustaining focus, especially for lengthy or challenging tasks

  • Task Initiation - starting a non-preferred task

  • Organization - keeping track of materials, organizing ideas and information

  • Planning and Prioritizing - mapping out multi-step tasks and judging which assignments are most important to tackle first

  • Time Management - allocating time for work and other commitments, getting to class/work on time and prepared

  • Cognitive Flexibility - taking the perspective of others, formulating different solutions to problems

  • Metacognition - insight into how one thinks and the ability to monitor thought processes to help achieve goals and solve problems



HWP provides executive function coaching to children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling to manage their demands, due to ADHD, diagnosed executive function deficits, or other learning differences

These students and adults are often frustrated and discouraged, especially when their challenges are perceived as laziness.

How it Works


The coaching process is transformative and takes time. Many clients are learning entirely different ways of viewing themselves and finding motivation, often for the first time.

HWPs goal is to help achieve confidence, competence, and independence as quickly as possible.

There are 12, 60-minute, weekly sessions conducted either in-person or via video. This pacing allows for time to assimilate the growth and maintain motivation. 


A growth exercise will be assigned each session. This enables the session to be focused and productive. The format for sessions includes an open-ended check-in time; review of assigned exercise; discussion and growth facilitation. Each session builds upon what is learned in previous sessions.


A willingness to be truly open to growth is needed. This means being willing to keep an open mind about what is really possible and allowing yourself to receive new ideas.  


Progress is dependent on several variables such as motivation, self-awareness, how narrow or broad the goals are, and how long the challenges have been present.

If on-going support is needed, your provider will be there for you as a coach. At that time, you can determine how you may wish to schedule continuing sessions.


The best way to find out if this approach is for you or your child is to schedule a complimentary 20 - 30 minute consultation. This consultation may be held via telephone or in-person.

The minimum time commitment required is 3 sessions. Commitment is the most significant factor in achieving your goals. Through the act of making commitments and then honoring those commitments, we not only achieve goals, but we also build trust in ourselves and others.