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Family Counseling

Family counseling seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the interactions between family members.

Family Counseling


There is no greater influence than family in our development and well-being.

Our families shape how we view the world by passing down learned family patterns. Some patterns are healthy, and support our personal growth and positive relationship building, while others are not.  

Family counseling is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the systems of interactions between family members. What distinguishes family counseling from individual counseling is its perspective or framework that views problems as patterns or systems that need adjusting.  

Family counseling promotes effective communication, encourages attachment and individuation, teaches healthy habits, and sets healthy boundaries.


Family Counseling Focus Areas

Areas addressed in counseling include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving communication

  • Trust building

  • Setting boundaries

  • Parenting conflicts

  • Codependency 

  • Separation

  • Divorce recovery

  • Unexpected loss of a family member 

  • Blending families 

  • Cultural stress and oppression 

  • Significant change (i.e. life transitions, relocation, traumatic experiences) 

Scheduling Structure

Family counseling sessions are 50 - 60 minutes long and are typically scheduled on a weekly basis. 

Sessions may be conducted either in-person at our Alpharetta office or via video (restrictions apply) utilizing a Simple Practice URL personalized for Holistic Wellness Practice clients.


Seeking counseling can be both empowering and frightening.

The best way to find out if this approach is appropriate for your family is to sign up for a complimentary 20 - 30 minute consultation. This consultation may be held via telephone or in-person.

*Therapists who provide this service: Nicole C. Jackson, LCSW