Holistic Wellness Practice, LLC

Group Counseling for Adolescents

About Group COUNSELING Sessions

Group counseling sessions provide an environment where adolescents can work through interpersonal problems and examine the four basic identity questions: Who am I? With whom do I identify? What do I believe in? and Where am I going?

A group is a natural setting for adolescents. Adolescents are social beings, in the midst of learning their social skills, and are often more trusting of others their own age than of adults. They are taught in groups, live in groups, and often interact in groups.

Group sessions are an ideal choice, as social interaction/learning is a key aspect of the developmental process. Social learning is developed by observing others and the results of their actions.

AdolescenT Group Focus

Focus Areas

Adolescent group counseling sessions focus on developing strategies to manage relationships with peers and family members.

Evidence-based techniques and strategies are taught to help adolescents make healthy and wise choices when faced with challenging issues.

Client Focus

Group members range from 14 - 17 years of age.

Scheduling structure

60 - 90 minute group sessions are conducted in-person on a weekly basis.

Getting Started

HWP is currently accepting new group members.

The best way to find out if this approach is for you is to sign up for a complimentary 15-minute telephone interview. If so, an ongoing group structure will be set and you’ll leave the call with action to take.