Reiki Level II Certification in Alpharetta, GA

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COVID-19 Notice

We are committed to the health and safety of all our clients. We continue to offer our services both in-person and via video. In-person availability is limited and varies per provider. We practice social distancing, the use of face coverings and all areas are cleaned in between sessions. We also ask that all clients stay in their vehicles until their appointment time to further reduce the risk of transmission.

Reiki Level II – Second Degree Reiki

What is it?

Reiki Level 2, second-degree Reiki is the next progression from Reiki Level I. Reiki 2 certification will deepen your practice and prepare you with greater self-confidence to practice Reiki with others in a formal session and at a distance. Reiki level 2 also prepares participants interested in practicing Reiki professionally.

Course Topics Include:

  • Japanese Practices

  • Reiki 2 Symbols

  • Distance Reiki

  • Conducting Reiki Sessions

  • Professional Considerations

  • Energy Attunement

Where is it?

This class is 4-hours of face-to-face instruction at Holistic Wellness Practice and includes a 60 minute follow-up session that can be done either in-person or online.


The total investment is $195 per person. Jessica also provides continued mentoring for students after the course to support their individual Reiki journey.

This class is taught by Jessica Tulloss, a holistic and integrative nurse coach, vibrational sound therapist, and Usui Reiki Master. She brings her deep passion for the practice, and her years of experience in integrative and holistic health and wellness. Upon completion, a certificate will be sent to you in acknowledgement of your training and attunement.

Please note that Reiki Level I attunement is required. All lineages welcome.

Masters Who Offer Reiki Level II Certification in Alpharetta, GA

What Our Clients Say

“I took a Reiki session for a health issue I had and for improving wellness in general. I found Jessica to not only possess the needed professional expertise in this area, but also much radiance and warmth that made me feel very comfortable. Her pleasant nature may have compounded the positive effects of the healing procedure…”

- Rose S. (Thumbtack)

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Do you accept my insurance?

HWP does not accept insurance. Managed care companies were created to “manage” and contain escalating health care costs. Their bottom line is to reduce costs and raise profits; it is not to increase the quality of care professionals provide or your quality of life. HWP is solution-focused on quality of life and personal goals.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we ask you to inform your provider at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session start time. Your full session fee will…

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit cards, and health savings (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA) cards that have a major credit card logo on it are all accepted forms of payment.