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About Our Mental Health Practice

The most comprehensive and effective approach to mental health and wellness focuses on the whole person — their mind, their body, and their environment — not just their symptom or presenting problem. It’s all interconnected.

Holistic Wellness Practice (HWP) was created so individuals, couples, and families can have a safe space to deeper their understanding of the whole self including the interactions between their thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

HWP is a group practice offering counseling, coaching, integrative psychiatry, complementary and alternative practices, and educational workshops on various health and wellness topics. Our providers specialize in evidence-based methods of practice to help clients successfully overcome present challenges, whether they are long-standing or critical issues.

At HWP, our goal is to assist clients in recognizing their strengths while developing new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting to increase their overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

With accessibility in mind, HWP offers in-person and video sessions (restrictions apply).

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