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Why You Need a Private Yoga Session

by | Oct 7, 2020

Let’s talk about your yoga practice.  Are you someone who loves to practice yoga at home – watching all the YouTube videos?  Are you someone that loves outdoor yoga and being in nature?  Or someone who enjoys a yoga studio surrounded by other yogis?

Whatever your yoga practice entails you can benefit from a private yoga session.  It doesn’t matter if you have never been on a yoga mat or you are incredibly advanced in your practice.  A private yoga session is all about YOU! 

I took my first private yoga lesson many years after going to group classes.  While I love the collective energy, and the feeling of being in a room of like-minded yogis, I also love to have the freedom to focus on my personal needs. For me, I wanted to know more about the alignment of the pose.  What should I feel in my body when I hold a pose? What benefits can I get from doing the full expression of the pose? I also wanted to have time and space for just me, and focus on my energetic body.  Is it normal to feel these emotions?  Is there a way I can feel more comfortable in a pose or is this pose just not for me?

Here are a few areas that I found most beneficial from taking a private yoga session:


Whether a beginner or a seasoned yogi, taking a private class is truly is about connecting with yourself.  This is your time to shine.  You can focus on your alignment.  You can focus on your inner thoughts.  You can focus on breathwork.  You can feel safe talking about your anxieties or stress. You can practice in silence or ask as many questions as you’d like.  The beauty is you can truly key in on your self-awareness. Each time you take a private yoga session you can build on the previous class by connecting not only with your teacher but more importantly, connecting with yourself.

Intuitive Flow/Customizable

Now that you have that self-awareness and connection down, let’s talk about the flow of the class.  Private yoga sessions are customizable.  Our bodies are all different for a reason.  Yoga isn’t about being the most flexible person in a room, it’s about the union of mind-body-spirit.  What does that mean exactly?  When one of these areas is out of alignment, the rest will follow.  When you get to a place that you are able to balance your mind, your body, and your spirit (energy) this is when you will feel more at ease within yourself.  With a private yoga session, you have the ability to transform the class into what you need that day.  You have control over what time and what style of class works for you.  The class is catered to what your body and mind need that day, therefore organically making it a more intuitive flow when on the mat.  It’s like taking all your fave yoga classes and molding them into one.  Who wouldn’t want that?


Lastly, when you treat yourself to a private yoga session you feel committed to doing the work.  Yoga is not a passive practice.  When you show up to care for yourself in this way, you are giving yourself tools to use both on and off your yoga mat.  Tools you can use almost anywhere.  From learning different breathwork techniques to mindfulness to gentle poses you can do at your desk.  You will begin to see the progress in your daily life, as you transform into a person committed to self-love and acceptance.  It’s worth it!

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Karen Prindle is a registered yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. She offers her students tools to use both "on and off" the mat through private yoga, energy healing, breathwork, and guided meditation. In addition, Karen offers virtual sessions, workshops, and small group classes.
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