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How to Find An Online Therapist and What to Look For

The best way to find out if this approach is for you is to schedule a 15 - 20 minute consultation. Depending on your clinician’s availability, this consult may be held over the phone, via video, or in-person.

Online Therapy: Finding a Therapist Online

The internet has changed the way we find things, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Online therapy is becoming more popular as people find that they can find help for their mental health conditions from therapists online. Traditional in-person counseling sessions can be inconvenient and cause many people to stop seeking help. 

This article discusses how to find a therapist online, what to look for in an online therapist, and why you should give this form of therapy a try!

How to Find the Right Online Therapist for Your Needs

Online therapy has become more important than ever in an age of social distancing and connecting virtually is the new norm. Much like conventional in-person therapy, long-distance counseling helps you build a toolbox of coping skills and support systems. According to Psychology Today, online cognitive behavioral therapy was found to be equally as effective as face-to-face treatment for major depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and other mental illnesses.

Holistic Wellness Practice’s Online Therapy Sessions

If you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious or depressed and are looking for a therapist online, Holistic Wellness Practice is the place to find help. We provide evidence-based talk therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), that can be used with anyone who wants to find an online therapist. Our counselors are all licensed clinical social workers and therapists who have experience working with clients in person as well as long-distance over the internet.

Virtual Individual Counseling

Our virtual individual counseling sessions meet you where you are at with evidence-based talk therapy solutions.

Virtual Premarital Counseling

Virtual premarital counseling services offer an easy and modern solution to a time-honored and extremely beneficial practice.

Virtual Couples/Marriage Counseling

Meeting with a couples therapist through video counseling sessions allows you and your partner to attend right from home.

Virtual Prenatal, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Counseling

Meeting virtually with a licensed mental health professional can provide you with the tools you need to face these challenges. 

Virtual Christian Counseling

Schedule an appointment with our virtual Christian therapist to receive faithful counseling in the comfort of your own home.  

Disclaimer: Eligibility for virtual counseling varies by state and desired provider. Please contact us to learn more!

A New Way to Seek Therapy: Find a Therapist Online

If you have ever searched for a therapist online, you know that it can be a daunting task. Many different websites offer listings of professionals, but how do you find the right one? Also, a lot of people are apprehensive about meeting with a therapist online because they aren’t familiar with the process.

The truth is, online therapy has become more important than ever. And in an age of social distancing, connecting virtually is the new norm.

Benefits of Finding an Online Therapist

Studies also show that there’s no difference between having your sessions online versus in person – so long-distance counseling can provide all the same benefits as traditional talk therapy! You’ll have access to professional help from anywhere at any time, eliminating any barriers when it comes to the travel time associated with seeing someone locally. Here are some other benefits to using an online therapy platform:

  • Rural residents or those with transportation difficulties may find it easier to access therapy over the internet.
  • Most online therapy offers flexible payment plans.
  • Scheduling your therapy from the convenience of home is much more convenient for many people.
  • Studies show that online therapy requires 7.8 times less of a therapist’s time than face-to-face treatment, meaning therapists can often treat more patients than they would meeting with everyone in person.
  • Connecting virtually with a therapist eliminates the concern about running into people you know in the waiting room.
  • Online therapy has the potential to allow patients to feel more comfortable revealing sensitive information.
  • Individuals with anxiety, especially social anxiety, are more likely to seek out an online therapist.

Interviewing Potential Therapists

When considering the right therapist, find one that suits your needs. Typical interviews consist of asking about their experience and training in the type of therapy you are interested in; how they address confidentiality issues; hours available to work with patients; whether or not they offer online appointments only. Some therapists, like those at HWP, may require an initial phone call before moving on to scheduling your first appointment.

Other Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Online Therapist

When choosing the right online therapy practice for your needs there are several things to consider. Does the practice accept your insurance company’s coverage? Do the therapists offer the types of therapy you are interested in? Does the practice offer a sliding-scale fee for those without health insurance?

Generally, therapists who practice exclusively via the Internet will not be covered by your insurance company but may offer lower rates for those without health care coverage. These therapy practices are usually affordable and convenient – you can see them from anywhere at any time of day or night as long as there is internet access available. 

Keep in mind that these “fly by the seat of your pants” schedules can lead to co-dependency and act as a crutch instead of proper support.

3 Tips for Choosing a Therapist Online That Is Right for You

Tip One: Find an online therapist who specializes in your specific issue.

Finding a good fit for you is essential to the success of your therapy. For example, someone with anxiety should find an online specialist specializing in cognitive-behavioral techniques or another person struggling with depression may be better suited for dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Tip Two: Do your homework and shop around for the service that best suits your needs.

Online therapy can be found for a variety of prices, so find the right fit. Online counseling has become popular due to its low-cost and convenience factor but should not replace in-person sessions if you have any pressing safety concerns or need urgent help

Tip three: Ask questions that will help you decide if they are the right choice for you

These questions can include things like the therapist’s years in practice, their professional qualifications, licensure, and particular practice areas. This will give you an idea if they have the right methods and experience to help you build a toolbox of coping skills that will help you succeed in finding peace.

Connect With a Professional Counselor Today

If you are looking for a way to improve your mental health, the online therapy services from Holistic Wellness Practice may be just what you need. Our licensed therapists understand that all aspects of our lives interact with each other and can affect how we feel about ourselves or live in general. 

Whether it be through video sessions or face-to-face appointments, Holistic Wellness Practice has a therapist who can help you find peace within yourself again. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any point if you want more information about what services are available!

Get the therapy you need from licensed therapists & counselors online.

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