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The best way to find out if this approach is for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation. All counseling consults are 20-30 minutes long. Depending on availability, this consult may be held over the phone, via video, or in-person.

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Milton, GA Therapy: Mind-Body Connection for Optimal Health

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue? We understand that seeking help can be difficult. That’s why we strive to create a supportive and welcoming environment for our clients. 

Our team of licensed therapists and wellness practitioners who specialize in a variety of therapy options, including cognitive behavioral therapy, can help you address your challenges from a variety of angles and come up with a treatment plan that works for you. 

We also offer solution-focused wellness services to help you improve your physical and emotional well-being as well as mindfulness training so you can manage stress more effectively on an ongoing basis. You don’t have to feel alone anymore! HWP is here to support you on your journey towards optimal health! 

Let us show you how we can provide the tools necessary for achieving success in all areas of life – including work, relationships, family dynamics, emotional stability, etc. It’s time to start living the life that YOU want! 

What We Offer

HWP specializes in the most comprehensive and effective approach to mental health and wellness for individuals, couples, and businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding community. We provide a range of private treatment options to help each client reach their full, authentic well-being.


Individuals, couples, and families in the Atlanta area can take advantage of our licensed clinical mental health professionals' years of experience in offering counseling services.


Personal development coaching is a goal-oriented transformational process that raises consciousness, brings clarity to perceived obstacles, and enhances achievement/fulfillment. 


HWP's nutritional health coaching services can help you by developing personalized food and lifestyle plans based on your individual circumstances, goals, and health history.

Wellness Activities

Our clients learn to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle with HWP's wellness activity services that include meditation coaching, breathwork, and much more.

Who We Are

Our counselors work with a wide range of mental health concerns, including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief, loss, family conflict, and so much more.  We work with individuals, couples, and families, who are experiencing difficult times and are feeling stuck.

We also offer a wide range of therapeutic services as well as wellness activities such as breathwork, Reiki, and Sound Baths. Our team of mental health professionals understands the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and environment. Therefore, we provide whole-person-centered care designed to holistically address your mental and physical well-being.

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Counseling in Milton, GA

What sets HWP apart from other therapy services near Milton, Georgia? Our counselors are not only experts in their respective fields, but they also work closely with you to provide whole-person treatment. Through research and collaboration, we believe that our approach is the best way for clients to receive the necessary treatments so they can live happier lives!

Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our therapists in Milton, GA!

Our Milton, GA Counseling Services Include:

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You are not alone! Our experts will provide you with the tools and techniques needed to overcome your current challenges. Whether it be long-standing problems or critical concerns, we have an answer for every one of them – just reach out today so that our team can get started helping YOU!

What Our Clients Say

"I knew from the moment I met her that she was different than some of the therapists I've had in the past. I didn't feel like a weirdo. She made me feel accepted and safe."

- Elizabeth S. (Google)

"Throughout this process, I have learned to forgive, accept, and manage what I can control."

- Katherine D. (Google)

"I tried counseling here and there in the past, and although each time was a step in the right direction, this time I've noticed an absolute change in my mindset and how I feel."

- Michelle T. (Google)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are a new client, you may schedule your complimentary consultation or your initial appointment by visiting the contact page and filling out the short form or outreaching directly to your desired provider by calling (470) 740-7121.

If you are an existing client, please outreach to your provider directly either by telephone, email, or via the client portal secure messaging system.

Do you accept my insurance?

HWP does not accept insurance. Managed care companies were created to “manage” and contain escalating health care costs. Their bottom line is to reduce costs and raise profits; it is not to increase the quality of care professionals provide or your quality of life. HWP is solution-focused on quality of life and personal goals.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we ask you to inform your provider at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session start time. Your full session fee will be charged for missed appointments and cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit cards, and health savings (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA) cards that have a major credit card logo on it are all accepted forms of payment.