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Personal Development Coaching in Alpharetta, GA

The best way to find out if this approach is for you is to schedule a 15 - 20 minute consultation. Depending on your clinician’s availability, this consult may be held over the phone, via video, or in-person.

What is Personal Development Coaching?

Personal growth coaching is a goal-oriented transformational process aimed at raising consciousness, gaining clarity on perceived obstacles, and enhancing achievement/fulfillment.

We offer many types of coaching that utilize a mind/body/soul approach that enables individuals to perceive their lives as interconnected entities, rather than a mere combination of individual parts.

This integrative approach is based on the understanding that when we bring about change in any aspect of our experience, we simultaneously impact the overall condition.

Our coaching clients unlock their full potential and achieve their goals, all while receiving guidance and support in developing essential communication skills necessary to create the life they desire.

How Does Coaching Work?

Twelve Sessions*

Our training programs are 12, 60-minute, weekly/bi-weekly sessions conducted either in-person or via video. This pacing allows you time to assimilate your personal growth and maintain your motivation. 

*6, 30-minute, weekly coaching sessions are an option as well. This option works well when you are needing an accountability partner to ensure progress and direction, but allows less time for processing and diving deeper.

Session Structure

Each session your success coach will assign you a personal growth exercise tailored to your goals. This enables your session to be focused and productive. The format for sessions includes an open-ended check-in time; review of assigned exercise; discussion and growth facilitation. Each session builds upon what is learned in previous sessions.


A willingness to be truly open to growth is needed. This means being willing to keep an open mind about what is really possible and allowing yourself to receive new ideas.


If you know what you need to make progress in your life but you feel stuck or lack the motivation to move forward, life coaching is a great resource to hold you accountable and keep you encouraged.

Unlocking Your Potential

Feeling like you aren’t living up to the best of your ability is a discouraging sentiment. A coach training program can make you aware of the barriers blocking you, oftentimes created in the mind, and provide new mechanisms to maximize your potential.


Understand who you are in different aspects of your life using various assessment tools and strategies. Learn how to utilize your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses.

Long Term Coaching

After completing the coaching program you will have grounded aspirations and the empowerment tools to manifest them.

If you wish for ongoing support, your provider will be there for you as a coach. At that time, you can determine how you may wish to schedule continuing sessions.

Who is it for?

HWP coaches work with clients including late teens, young adults, and adults. From education coaching and life coaching to career coaching and executive coaching we will match you with a provider that specializes in the area of service you need. Don’t let life bog you down and keep you from living the life you deserve.

Our coaching includes many types of support such as:

  • Mentoring and advice on career development, job searches, educational planning, etc.
  • Support in goal-setting and action planning to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Motivation and accountability for achieving personal goals
  • Strategies to help you develop self-confidence and resilience for dealing with life changes

Discover Personal and Professional Growth with HWP

When it comes to achieving personal and professional growth, it can often feel like you’re stuck in a rut. That’s where a personal growth coach can step in and guide you toward reaching your goals. With their expertise, you’ll learn to identify and overcome any roadblocks that may have been holding you back.

Whether you’re an individual looking to better yourself or a business seeking to enhance their employees’ potential, HWP offers individual coaching and coaching for your business. A skilled coach will help you discover your life purpose and give you the tools needed to achieve it.

With the right guidance, the benefits of personal development coaching can be endless. Take the first step towards a brighter future and unlock your full potential with HWP’s team of coaching professionals.

Focus Areas

  • Overcoming any block/barriers
  • Goal-setting
  • Choosing the right educational plan/career
  • Achieving performance goals
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Improving communication
  • Enhancing lifestyle/ quality of life
  • Improving school or work/life balance
  • Managing stress
  • Learning organizational skills 

Hire a Personal Development Coach to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Are limiting beliefs hindering your full potential? The first step in overcoming them is identifying and addressing them head-on. A personal development coach is invaluable, unraveling thought patterns and habits to transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones. Achieve the success you desire with their expertise.

Some practices offer group coaching, while others facilitate individual sessions. Whichever you choose, a personal development coach will provide the right guidance to clear any obstacles on your path toward personal growth.

It’s important to choose a coach with proper coaching certification, as this can give you the confidence that they have the required expertise to help guide you through the coaching process. Hiring a personal development coach could be the catalyst you need to finally achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Strengthening Business Relationships through Coaching

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s more important than ever to establish strong professional relationships. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a budding entrepreneur, strengthening your connections through coaching can unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Coaching helps enhance communication & collaboration skills for more productive work relationships. Invest in coaching to build lasting connections with colleagues, partners, & clients, positioning yourself for industry success. Find a provider whose coaching niche suits your needs for the best results. HWP’s professional coaches can identify & overcome roadblocks to your success.

Personal Growth | Coaching Services designed to Empower People to Live Their Best Lives

At HWP, our mission is to help people achieve meaningful growth in their personal and professional lives. Through our coaching services, we empower individuals to push beyond their limits, conquer their fears, and reach their full potential.

Our expert coaches provide guidance and support that inspire our clients to take action toward achieving their goals. We understand that personal growth is a journey and one that requires continuous effort and dedication. That’s why we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a positive and lasting impact, both in their personal lives and their careers.

At HWP, we truly believe that everyone has the potential to live their best life, and we are committed to helping them get there. So reach out today for a consultation to see if our team of coaching professionals is right for you. Together, we can unlock your potential and create a brighter tomorrow.


Individual Coaching Rate

All individual coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and are held either in-person or via video. Sessions are typically scheduled every other week at a minimum.

$225 per session

*Please contact HWP to discuss coaching rates for businesses.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Kristi is wonderful. She is warm and inviting and aided us in bringing our marriage to where it should be. We are forever grateful for the healing and practices Kristi brought into our marriage. We could not recommend her more!”
– Ashley B. (Google)
“I knew from the moment I met her that she was different than some of the therapists I’ve had in the past. I didn’t feel like a weirdo. She made me feel accepted and safe.”
– Elizabeth S. (Google)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are a new client, you may schedule your consultation or your initial appointment by visiting the contact page and filling out the short form or outreaching directly to your desired provider by calling (470) 231-5355.

All outreaches are returned within 24 hours, during business hours.

Do you accept my insurance?

HWP does not accept insurance. Managed care companies were created to “manage” and contain escalating health care costs. Their bottom line is to reduce costs and raise profits; it is not to increase the quality of care professionals provide or your quality of life. HWP is solution-focused on quality of life and personal goals.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we ask you to inform your provider at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session start time. Your full session fee will be charged for missed appointments and cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit cards, and health savings (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA) cards that have a major credit card logo on it are all accepted forms of payment.