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Alex Ballew

Alex Ballew

Sound Practitioner for Large Private Groups & Retreats

Visiting practitioners deliver their integrative services both on-site at HWP and off-site as well. These practitioners, while not directly employed by HWP, collaborate with the organization to provide their specialized services, utilizing HWP’s facilities to enhance the well-being of clients within a holistic and comprehensive framework.

Alex Ballew is on a mission to use vibrational sound therapy to help people find connection with themselves and others. He wants to bring joy, authenticity, unity, and hope into everything he does. Alex founded Secret River Sounds in 2020. He is a certified sound therapist through the Vibrational Sound Association, Musical Mystics Sound Healing Academy, and a certified gong therapist through Mehtab Benton.


Available Daytime and Evenings and Weekends

Alex fills the room with deep tones from gongs, gentle melodies from the crystal harp, vibrations from singing bowls, didgeridoos, rain sticks, bells, drums and more. Drift into the stillness below the mind and access the parasympathetic nervous system for an opportunity to let go, rejuvenate, feel grounded and become deeply relaxed. Participants have an opportunity for meditation, emotional revelation, a chance to connect with themselves and ultimately tap into their innate ability for self-healing.


Specialized Training

Certified Sound Therapist, Vibrational Sound Association & Musical Mystics Sound Healing Academy

Certified Gong Therapist, Mehtab Benton

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