Client Portal


In order to help you decide if our services and providers are a good fit for you, we offer a 20 – 30 minute complimentary consultation. *Depending on your provider’s availability, this consult may be held in-person or over the phone.* This initial interaction will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our practice and treatment options.

After your consultation, you will schedule your first appointment directly with your provider. Each provider maintains their schedule independently.

Prior to your first appointment, we kindly ask that you complete our new client information packet and consent form. HWP is a paperless office, therefore, these forms will be sent to you via the client portal.

The first session will be a process of getting to know you and what you are hoping to get out of your sessions. Your provider will gather relevant information throughout the session by asking you questions. You may share as much as you feel comfortable. Towards the end of your session, you and your provider will work together to make a plan to address your goals.

It is completely normal to be nervous. After all, anything new and unknown can be a bit anxiety-provoking. However, most clients report that they feel a great deal of relief at the end of their first session.