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The best way to find out if this approach is for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation. All counseling consults are 20-30 minutes long. Depending on availability, this consult may be held over the phone, via video, or in-person.

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Are You Looking for Sandy Springs Anxiety Counseling?

Anxiety is a common mental health condition that affects nearly 20% of adults in the US every year. The condition can cause intense feelings of fear, worry, and dread, as well as physical symptoms like chest pain, rapid heartbeat, and sweating. Anxiety can make it difficult to concentrate, sleep, or even leave the house.

Anxiety and other mood disorders are very common, affecting millions of people around the world. If you are suffering from these conditions, it’s important to know that you are not alone. There are many others who understand what you are going through and can offer support and advice. Additionally, there are professional therapists and counselors who specialize in treating anxiety and mood disorders.

Anxiety counseling with our licensed therapists in Sandy Springs, GA can provide you with the support and resources you need to start feeling better. Don’t suffer in silence — help is available, and you deserve to get the support you need.

What can our Anxiety Counseling Help With in Sandy Springs, GA?

Our anxiety counseling services take a whole person approach to mental and behavioral health, which means that we will work with you to understand all factors contributing to your anxiety.

Using our person-centered approach, our highly trained mental health professionals will take the time to consider how your anxiety is currently affecting your life and build a plan to help you address the root causes of your anxiety, and manage your symptoms.

Anger Management

Anxiety and anger are two very strong emotions that can have a significant impact on our lives. When we feel anxious, we may become irritable and short-tempered, which can lead to arguments and conflict. In some cases, anxiety can even lead to outbursts of anger.

Our counseling for anxiety can include anger management support to help you effectively deal with your anger in a constructive way. By working with a counselor to address both anxiety and anger, you can take back control of your life and start living the peaceful life you crave.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) involves persistent and excessive worry about a variety of topics. If you have GAD, you likely feel stuck in a cycle of worrying and may find it difficult to control your thoughts.

Our anxiety counseling can be an effective treatment for generalized anxiety as it can help people understand and manage their thoughts and emotions. Through counseling, people with GAD can learn how to cope effectively with anxiety-provoking situations. In addition, our therapists and counselors can help people identify and challenge the negative thinking patterns that contribute to their anxiety.

Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a sudden onset of intense fear or anxiety that can cause physical symptoms like increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Many people who experience panic attacks feel like they are losing control or that they might even die.

Counseling can be an effective treatment for panic attacks because it can help identify the root cause of the problem and address any underlying issues contributing to it. Our Sandy Springs anxiety counseling services can help you cope with panic attacks and manage their symptoms.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder that can cause tremendous distress in social situations. If you have social anxiety, you may feel like you’re being judged by others, and you may worry about embarrassing yourself or saying something wrong. As a result, you may avoid social situations altogether or endure them with great discomfort.

Our anxiety counseling can be an effective treatment for social anxiety. Our therapists and counselors can help you understand and manage your fears. They can also provide guidance on how to cope with the anxiety associated with social situations.



Relationship Issues

Anxiety is a mental health issue that can cause a lot of problems in our lives. One area that can be affected is our relationships. We may start to withdraw from our loved ones, or we may become short-tempered and irritable. It can be difficult to communicate our needs when we’re feeling anxious, and sometimes we may start to avoid situations that make us anxious.

This can lead to tension within family dynamics, and can even put a strain on marriages. If you’re struggling with anxiety, it’s important to find a great marriage and family therapist who can help you learn how to manage your anxiety and cope with the challenges it presents in your life. With the right support, you can find great success in managing your anxiety and maintaining healthy relationships.

Our anxiety counseling services can include couples counseling, where appropriate, to help address some of these relationship challenges and work with your partner to overcome the issues associated with anxiety disorders.

While anxiety can certainly cause problems in our relationships, it can also help to strengthen them. By openly sharing our feelings with our loved ones, we can create a deeper sense of understanding and intimacy.

By working together to find healthy coping mechanisms for your anxiety, you can grow closer to your partner, as you both learn to support each other through difficult times. Ultimately, anxiety does not have to destroy your relationship; it can bring you closer together with the right support.

Stress and Anxiety

Similarly, stress and anxiety often occur at the same time. Stress can be a reaction to a challenging situation, and it can also be caused by anxiety. When someone is feeling anxious, they may worry about future events or dwell on past experiences.

This can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed, which can then trigger a stress response. On the other hand, stressful life events can increase or worsen anxiety symptoms.

Our counseling services for anxiety address both stress and anxiety, when appropriate, in order to provide the most comprehensive care. By addressing both conditions, counseling can help you better cope with both stress and anxiety for long-term recovery.



Solution-Focused Anxiety Counseling in Sandy Springs, GA

If you’re looking for support to overcome anxiety, our counseling services can help. We use a whole-person approach to anxiety, taking time to understand your issues and build a therapeutic relationship to ensure the best possible results.

We use a wide range of strategies, from cognitive behavioral therapy to mindfulness, to support you in building a toolkit that helps you overcome the challenges you’re currently facing.

From our years of experience working with people who suffer from anxiety in Fulton County, we know that finding a therapist isn’t always easy. That’s why we offer a free consultation to help you learn more about our approach and decide if we’re right for you.

Counseling Counseling

Individual Counseling Session Rates

All sessions are 45 – 50 minutes long and are held either in person or via video. Sessions are typically scheduled every week or every other week at a minimum.

$135 – $175 per session

Individual counseling rate varies per clinician. Please see clinician bios for more information regarding specialties and rates.

What Our Clients Say

"I knew from the moment I met her that she was different than some of the therapists I've had in the past. I didn't feel like a weirdo. She made me feel accepted and safe."

- Elizabeth S. (Google)

"Throughout this process, I have learned to forgive, accept, and manage what I can control."

- Katherine D. (Google)

"I tried counseling here and there in the past, and although each time was a step in the right direction, this time I've noticed an absolute change in my mindset and how I feel."

- Michelle T. (Google)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are a new client, you may schedule your complimentary consultation or your initial appointment by visiting the contact page and filling out the short form or outreaching directly to your desired provider by calling (470) 231-5355.

If you are an existing client, please outreach to your provider directly either by telephone, email, or via the client portal secure messaging system.

Do you accept my insurance?

HWP does not accept insurance. Managed care companies were created to “manage” and contain escalating health care costs. Their bottom line is to reduce costs and raise profits; it is not to increase the quality of care professionals provide or your quality of life. HWP is solution-focused on quality of life and personal goals.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we ask you to inform your provider at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session start time. Your full session fee will be charged for missed appointments and cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit cards, and health savings (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA) cards that have a major credit card logo on it are all accepted forms of payment.